Age: 20 | Los Gatos, CA

Daniel grew up in the small town of Los Gatos.  As a young child, he loved thrills and dreamed of flying.  At the age of 17, he became a certified skydiver, and just one year and 90 jumps later, he made his first BASE jump.  Shortly after, he moved into the sport of wingsuit flying and is now dedicating his time to pursuing "human flight" aka wingsuiting from mountains.  When he isn't falling out of planes or leaping from buildings, antennas, bridges, or cliffs, he spends his time climbing and hiking in the Sierras with friends.  Daniel dreams of using his mountaineering skills to climb High Sierra peaks, and flying his wingsuit back down.  Currently as one of the youngest wingsuit BASE jumpers in the world at age 20, he has just under 500 skydives and nearly 300 BASE jumps. Daniel is hoping to open new legal wingsuit BASE jumps in California.

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