Age: 32 | Louisville, KY

At the young age of 6, Jay began competing in ski racing and freestyle until the age of 12. At the age of 12, Jay became the youngest athlete ever to be invited to the Freestyle Nationals. Following this season, Jay’s family moved to Kentucky, separating him from his skiing passion. Fast forward the years to his days at Vanderbilt where his passion for skiing became too strong. Jay left school and moved to Lake Tahoe, NV, where he has made the US Ski Team and is on the way to fulfilling his dream. Jay is an amazing role model, who has been inspiring kids at Impacting Hearts while pursuing his own dreams. Having made the AVP Tour for Beach Volleyball several years back, Jay continues to stand out as an amazing athlete and person.

Where does Jay belong?

”Anywhere from the snow to the sand - anywhere I’m happy!”