Age: 28 | Del Norte, CO

Manny grew up in southern Colorado above a small mountain town called South Fork, in Wolf Creek Pass. The outdoors have always been the biggest part of his life, and started snowboarding at age 13. Manny can still remember the first time he strapped into my snowboard and he continues to get that feeling every time he straps in! The feeling of freedom as if all else in the world just melts away and all that's left is you and the mountain. Being the father of three girls who owned their own snowboards before they were born, all he wants in life in addition to his snowboard career, is to be the best role model for my girls an the kids/ people who look up to and follow his snowboarding. He knows this is exactly where he belongs, and has many goals for the future, so look out!

Where does Manny belong?

"Right where I am right now!”