Think back to the sensations of carving your first line of powder through a winter utopia, the taste of salt as your surfboard skims the inner curl of the perfect wave, the buzz of adrenaline in your ears as your bike makes contact with dirt and rock, or the satisfaction of finalizing the last stroke of a brush or key to a true personal masterpiece. The euphoria of harmonizing with nature and body, spirit and mind; is what it means to belong.  

Belong Designs started with the inspiration of following true passions in life and supporting those who wish to do the same. Striving towards nonconformity, those behind Belong have chosen to ascend from the molded path onto fresh terrain in the pursuit of achieving a lifestyle of authenticity. A life that is not about the number of fleeting experiences you have, but about the one meaningful experience that is life.  Whether you are a fan, athlete, or someone who simply wants to live in the moment, you have the right to belong.  

Supporting all people with an emphasis on friends, adventure and nature, our mission is to light the way for people to turn their wants into haves and to find meaning in all they do.  The answers should never outweigh the questions, and doing what you believe in is the only doing that should be done.  The world is what we make it.


We found where we belong, now we pass the ball to you.... Where do you Belong?


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