Welcome to Belong Design's first month of weekly media contests!  This weeks contest is for a free Colorado Hoodie and the winner will be put in a pool of people that will later compete to film Belong Athletes for further compensation.  To be applicable to win, the video must have Belong's logo in it as well as "where do you belong" at the end of it.

If you need a version of our logo that you can not find online or on our media, please email management@belongdesigns.com and we can get you what you need once your request is approved! 

Contest 1:

Deadline: Submissions will be accepted until 10/31/14.

Content:  The video should be 15 seconds long and include a Belong Designs Logo in it somewhere.  In addition, the question "where do you belong?" should be at the end of the film.  The edit should be something that relates to your interpretation of the Belong Movement/following your true passion. 

First Place Prize: Belong Designs Co Hoodie

Submit to: management@belongdesigns.com

Winners will be asked to share their video on their social media and we will share it on ours as well!