Men's Pathfinder Hoodie

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Up past the hills, where the air is thin and the roads are winding, you set off on your journey. As you emerge from treelines, navigate rocky river bends, and hike out of narrow valleys, the temperatures rise and fall. Luckily, our Pathfinder Hoodie is ready to be an extension of your adventures. Crafted with our core VersaTek™ Material, this hoodie is soft, durable, and comfortable. As a breathable form-fitting hoodie, the Pathfinder Hoodie is a reliable partner for your next journey.


    • VersaTek™ Material 
    • Sublimated Logos and Graphics
    • Wrinkle Resistant
    • Silk Pinch Label
    • Soil Resistant
    • True To Size
    • Breathable
    • Soft
    • Wash Cold, Hang Dry

    What is Recycled VersaTek?

    Polyester / Bambo Rayon / Spandex Blend

    Carefully blended with polyester, rayon, and spandex, our signature Recycled VersaTek material is developed, created, and processed to combine all of the characteristics that we value most in apparel. The complex tri-blend is durable without sacrificing comfort, never shrinks and comes out of the dryer looking like it was freshly ironed. Recycled VersaTek has moisture wicking components to the fabric, so it breathes, and as a bonus it's soil resistant.

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    Quick Dry
    Moisture Wicking
    Wrinkle Resistant
    Water Resistant
    Soil Resistant