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5 Must Do Adventures in Colorado for the Weekend Warrior

We’ve all been there. The work week is rolling along when an all too familiar feeling starts to creep into your being. You know this feeling as well as we do. Your heart rate slightly increases, a tingling is felt in your fingers and toes, and a soft smile starts to emerge. The cause: a swelling excitement and anticipation for a question that everybody inevitably asks themselves: What am I going to do this weekend? Colorado provides unparalleled advantages in maximizing the adventure and fun in those precious 48 hours. So, what to do? We’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Must Do Adventures for the Colorado Weekend Warrior.

  1. Bag a 14er. Climbing a 14er is the quintessential Colorado adventure activity. Hikers must test their physical and mental endurance, battling the relentless slopes of these monoliths. However, the payoff is spectacular with breathtaking views and a huge sense of accomplishment. So, what’s better than climbing one fourteener? Climbing two! Grey’s and Torrey’s are two peaks accessible from Denver with only a short drive to get there.

  2. Conquer some whitewater. With an abundance of rafting hubs located near some of the best whitewater the Southwest has to offer, it’s never hard to find a good place to get on the water. However, few are as scenic or exhilarating as those on the Arkansas River running through Browns Canyon. Only two and a half hours from Denver, this twelve mile trip includes beautiful scenery and kicks up the fun-factor with Class III and IV rapids. Due to the technicality of the rapids and the ease of shuttling, we’d highly recommend using a guiding company out of Buena Vista.

  3. Go on a backpacking trip. Colorado is a backpacker’s paradise. And what’s more iconic than the famous Conundrum Hot Springs hike? Just a stone's throw from Aspen, this 17-mile, two-day trip takes you through a spectacular landscape of wildflower-rich meadows, evergreen forests, and epic, rugged peaks. The well-established trail ends at an assemblage of clothing-optional pools overlooking Conundrum Peak Valley. The 100-degree water will soothe your aching muscles while you enjoy a well-deserved beer. Head to Recreation.gov to check availability and to obtain your permit. The summer months are crowded, it’s best to get on it sooner rather than later.

  4. Find your mountain-biking flow in Fruita. Eager to change up the scenery? Point your vehicle west and venture to Colorado’s western slope. Fruita is a little over four hours away from Denver and delivers in a big kind of way. Experience some of the best single-track mountain bike riding that Colorado has to offer with a trip to 18 Road. Bomber single-track gives way to steep curves and exposed rocky sections with all the pumps, bumps, and rolls you could ask for! It also doesn’t hurt that the scenery is exceptional. Millions of years in the making, the Colorado River has carved out beautifully weathered badlands and red-rock canyons. Take your biking game to the next level by making the obligatory pilgrimage to Fruita.

  5. Tour a brewery. Colorado has become a mecca for the craft brewing scene, boasting over 300+ breweries statewide. Most will attribute this proliferation to the influence of New Belgium Brewing and their signature amber ale, Fat Tire. If you’re looking for the ultimate brewery tour experience, head to Fort Collins and take a stroll through Old Town. While it’s difficult to find a poor brewery, a few exceptional operations include New Belgium, Odell, and Prost. However, make sure you reserve a place to stay and skip the drive home.

With such an abundance of inspiring activities, it shouldn’t be too hard to maximize the fun each and every weekend. Here at Belong, we are driven by our dedication to our passions - and we’d love to see your passions in action! Tag us on Instagram @belongdesigns or share your photos with us using #belongdesigns. We hope you’ll enjoy this guide and we’re so excited for you to keep following your passion and finding where you Belong.

5 Must Do Adventures in Colorado for the Weekend Warrior