The Top 5 Colorado Hot Springs to Visit This Fall

This Fall, Colorado’s mountains host an abundance of opportunities to experience one of it’s most dreamy experiences: submerging yourself in naturally heated hot springs while the leaves turn amber and rust all around you. While there are over thirty hot springs in Colorado, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top five we recommend you visit this Fall.

Image courtesy of Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Being home to the world’s largest hot spring pool puts Glenwood Springs easily on the list of best hot springs destinations in Colorado. However, new locations are, well, springing up everywhere. Iron Mountain Hot Springs, which opened in July 2015, is Colorado’s newest spot and a popular alternative to the often crowded Glenwood Springs. Spend the day soaking in one of the sixteen hot springs pools along the banks of the Colorado River while taking in incredible views of towering Mt. Sopris.

Image courtesy of Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Seeking seclusion? Melt your your stress away in the popular yet intimate Strawberry Park. North of Steamboat Springs sits this series of beautiful pools surrounded by lush evergreens and aspens. The pools here have an earthy feeling with the bottom of the pools lined with gravel and sand. FYI, the springs become 18+ and clothing optional after dark.

Ouray Hot Springs

Nestled in a tight valley overshadowed by the 13,000-foot San Juan peaks and surrounded by the lush Uncompahgre National Forest, the view alone makes Ouray Hot Springs one of the nicest soaks around. A series of natural hot-springs pools including a lap pool, activity pools, a shallow pool, a hot pool, and an infinity pool Ouray Hot Springs certainly makes for an inspiring place to find yourself.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Located 9 miles outside of Buena Vista at the base of Mount Princeton, Mount Princeton Hot Springs is a historic landmark dating back to the 1860s. Recently, however, the resort has developed itself to offer a wide array of modern amenities and options. Soak in the historic bath house, small creekside, rock-borders creekside springs, the pool at the spa and club, or the upper pools with a 400-foot water slide!

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

This resort’s waters, which run through the town of the same name, have been flowing from seven natural springs for hundreds of years and were originally used for healing by the Ute Indians. Now the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa offers an array of restorative and relaxing services including massage, body treatments, and facials in addition to the 200,000+ gallons of natural hot mineral-rich water flowing through 21 mineral pools and baths every day.

Soaking in natural mineral water is a time-honored tradition with people all over the world looking to natural mineral waters for wellness. All of these hot springs are within a five hour drive of Denver or roughly seven hours from Salt Lake City. Why not get away for the weekend and relax, rejuvenate, and restore your mind, body, and soul?