Top Five Utah Camping Spots You’ll Love Discovering

Known as the most scenic area in the country, Utah not only has gorgeous scenery and a variety of vacation spots, but when it comes to camping, you won’t ever run out of options. Whether you enjoy tent camping, RV camping, or prefer sleeping under the stars, Utah has it all. Check out our list of the ultimate Utah Camping Destinations to find your perfect spot!


  • Mirror Lake. Located in the heart of Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Mirror Lake has more to offer than a simple place to pitch your tent. With an abundant and scenic waterview located at the base of Bald Mountain, Mirror Lake offers camping sites, Equestrian spaces, kayaking, canoeing, as well as some serious fishing. Catch your limit of rainbow trout or go off-roading on the many trails surrounding the area. If that isn’t enough to satisfy your spirit of adventure, Mirror Lake also has an amphitheater with live music and events during the summer months. Their season runs July through September which gives you plenty of time to explore everything your spirit of adventure desires.

  • Goblin Valley. How did Goblin Valley get its unusual name? You’ll have to experience this unique area to find out. Named after the looming sandstone tent rocks that spike the landscape, Goblin Valley has been described as “other worldly” as a result of its preservation of ancient Native American rock art and extreme desert landscape. Not known for comfort-of-home amenities, Goblin Valley offers a more isolated and uncommon experience for those who don’t mind the hot and cold temperature drops and endless maze of rock formations to navigate. Yurts for recreational rental are available in addition to 24 individual spots for tent or RV camping. If you’re looking for an off-the-map kind of experience, this is it.
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Kick off your shoes in one of the most beautiful and well-known destinations in Utah. Boasting some of the oldest and most unique sand dunes in the country, the mixture of iron and minerals offset from Navajo sandstone is the reason you’ll see the coral pink color of these dunes. If seeking an off-road experience, this camping destination won’t disappoint. 90% of the dunes are open to ATV riders. Coral Pink Sand Dunes also offers a newer campground with electricity and hot water amenities for those seeking the comforts of home.   


  • Zion National Park. If discovering as much scenery as you can is your game, consider camping in Zion National Park. With three campgrounds to choose from, South Campground, Watchman, and Lava Point, these three sought-after camping spots each offer their own distinct experiences. With trailheads, rock climbing, and the Virginia River all within walking, there’s never a shortage of activities. If you’re coming from Colorado, consider our road trip roadmap in detail for more information. Open mid-March through November, these campgrounds are extremely popular as a destination spot for discovering all the outdoors have to offer while viewing some of nature’s most mind-boggling panoramas.

  • Natural Bridges Loop. Maybe an escape from the crowd is what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, Natural Bridges Loop is not as well known or crowded as the more popular camping spots in Utah. Located in Natural Bridges Monument, you’ll have to lace up your hiking boots to enjoy what these staggering natural land bridges have to show off. Settled within White Canyon, hiking variance ranges from average to the more expert grade depending on your preference. Camping spots fill up fast and and don’t offer a lot of room for vehicles. With basic amenities like a fire pit and picnic table (no water, you’ll have to hike water in with you), the scenery is what makes this camping spot on the short list of top camping destinations.


    There isn’t a shortage of desirable camping destinations in Utah and you’re sure to find a different adventure in each setting. Whether your passion is fishing, hiking, ATV, or discovering hard-to-see landscapes from the beaten path, Utah will never run out of popular camping locations or phenomenal scenery. So hit the road and find your favorite spot in this mythological landscape.