The Venture Report | Mark Grubbs | May 30th, 2024

Surrounded by 


The smell of the pine trees, the sounds of birds singing and chipmunks chattering, the rawness and humbling power of the storms that pass through, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Living in the mountains has always been a dream of mine. Growing up, my parents always said they could see me being happiest living in a small cabin somewhere remote. Constantly drawing mountains as a kid and being very introverted paired perfectly with this dream.

As the Creative Director at Belong Designs, one of my roles is to design the apparel for our upcoming lines. People always ask, “Where do you get your inspiration?”, and the answer is always, “the mountains”. While I was living in Denver, I still used the mountains as my inspiration, however, most of the time it was from photographs that other people took, otherwise inspiration came from the few hiking and mountain biking trails I would explore.  

Today, I am blessed to live in Tabernash, Colorado, a small mountain town about an hour and a half outside of Denver. Situated in a mountain valley surrounded by large mountain peaks, Tabernash is an amazing place to call home. Life moves slower up here, allowing my mind to rest and unwind. That is when the creativity starts to flow. From the aspen’s popping with color during the Fall and the wildflowers blooming in the Spring, to the way the sunsets color the peaks with a pink glow and turn the pine trees a deeper shade of blue. Being surrounded by nature feels like being surrounded by inspiration. I am excited about the future and excited to get started on the next line of designs.