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Inspiring Kindness

Josh was born and raised in L.A. He has never been to the beach and will NOT get in any water...Tuesday he rode waves on the surf board for two hours and had "THE BEST DAY EVER!" He was literally 'glowing' all day with this whole new experience.  Josh also loves parcour, so we worked on a few moves :) 
 Josh and I met two weeks ago. He was one of the foster youth we/Impacting Hearts took to camp.  After my beach day with Josh on Tuesday, he told me, "Now I understand why you are always smiling!!!!" He is not used to experiencing many of the 'Joys' of life. Please help us help these foster youth and join the joy!

~Jay Panther 
(Belong Pro Skier and Beach VolleyBall Athlete)
Written by Jay Panther

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Inspiring Kindness