What it feels like to Belong

That feeling you get when you’re completely immersed in something you love is almost inexplicable. It is a moment of clarity, even if just for a minute. Basking in the glory of the present moment...Following your dream regardless of how crazy it sounds to everyone else...Living your life fully and without constraints...That is what it means to Belong.

Imagine yourself at the peak of your favorite mountain -- skull candy earbuds, music turned up to your favorite song and sharing the experience with a group of your best friends. Imagine the sound of slapping hands as you drop into the best line of the whole afternoon. Whether it’s the last breath you take before a bounding leap from the airplane or the adrenaline filled flip off your favorite cliff into a chilling body of glacier water, you can feel it -- you Belong.

Belong is more than a company -- it’s a lifestyle marked by thrill-seeking in all avenues of life. Each and every one of us exhibits unique skills, interests and ideas that set us apart from our peers. Whether it’s advocating for something that truly means the world to you or participating in your favorite sport, you see limitless boundaries for yourself and the world around you.

I am proud to say that I Belong! Growing up, I too felt that I had to fit into a specific mold, but eventually I found where I Belonged. I Belong on a snow-capped mountain on a blustery powder day.

I’ll leave you with this. Next time you’re sending a jump, stomping a landing after your favorite trick, staring into the eyes of someone you love or making a positive impact on your surroundings, remember that in that moment, You Belong.  When you’re faced with opposition, remain calm and recognize that brighter days will soon follow. Remember to seek happiness each and every day and that with a bright attitude, even the darkest rooms will remain illuminated. All too often, we take for granted the abilities that we have been given. Belong to something and share your passion with those around you. You never know when someone else’s interest may spark from the small flame inside your heart.


Author: Alan Quigley (Brand Ambassador)



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