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Each and every one of us dreams. Whether you choose to or not and whether you remember it or not, you will dream while you sleep. Our dreams are limitless, although they are subject to change as we grow older. They may modify themselves for all types of reasons, such as external influences, longing for change, a recent moment of excitement or even from total exhaustion. As long as I can remember, the only measure that I have taken to control my dreams was the abundance of dream catchers that surround my room. Whether we dream of becoming a millionaire or Acing an upcoming Algebra exam, we dream. Dreams can occur at different times of the day; morning, night or mid afternoon during a 15 minute cat nap. I see dreaming as a means of escape to free our minds of reality’s constraints.

Recently, my dreams have changed. Instead of dreaming of magical kingdoms or monetary gain, I have had a sporadic but consistent course of events taking place in my mind as my head lay upon my cool pillow at night. I dream of snowboarding. I notice that although the conditions are perfect for fresh lines and big swooping powder turns, I find myself in the terrain park. I can feel the snow crunching underneath my board as I quickly glide up the freshly groomed walls of the half pipe. I rear back and initiate my rotation as I grab onto the underside of my snowboard and spin through the fresh, crisp mountain air almost uncontrollably until my board successfully meets the snow again. And for that minute, while I’m suspended in the air, I feel alive. Even after I awake, I feel completely moved by what has occurred as though the event had just taken place in real time.

Dreams can be analyzed closely and interpreted in a variety of ways. I’ve never been much for delving into why I have the dreams that I do until recently, but I am beginning to see a visible correlation between our dreams and the life that we tend to live. I have concluded that the reason for my partiality to hitting terrain park features rather than enjoying freshies on the hill was due to the fact that I’m at a place where change is inevitable. I am ready for the next step not only in my dream world but in my life as it lay ahead of me. As the old saying goes, “life isn’t meant to be lived in one place.” I believe that saying applies to mental and spiritual growth so I open up my mind and heart to what is to come. And in this moment, I Belong…



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Author: Alan Quigley (Brand Ambassador)