Having a Not Normal Mustache in a Normal World

I’m going to start this off with saying I’m no where near a grammar expert, so, sorry if my writing just makes you want to rip your eyeballs out, and give them to your dog. “It takes no effort to follow a crowd” This little note was on a church’s billboard while I was driving down the road. This message is short and sweet. Today so many people are acting the same, or even trying to be the same as one another and its awful! Even though that note was on a churches billboard, this applies to more then just religion, it apples to life. I’ve brainstormed the idea that people try to look, act, and be the same as each other because they are scared. They are scared of rejection, or being the outcast of the group.

The only thing I can say about this is to stop. Stop being the same, stop dressing the same, stop looking the same. Life to me is about originality and being genuine. It’s insane how much these two things really matter as I’m getting older. So many people don’t have these two characteristics, that it makes me just want to throw up everywhere I go. No one wants to die and be remembered as the guy that just followed the crowd, that was just a huge butt hole to everyone around him.


Now most people will say, “oh hot, sexy, snowboarding Wes how do I ever do this?!” Passion and love. Out of all my years of life, which isn't many, I have found that these two things are the answers. No matter what you do, always have passion and love. People will notice, crowds will form, it will start raining little droplets of ice cream on your head!! Ok, it won’t do that, but seriously people will notice your passion, and love for things. So many people are scared of getting hurt, physically, emotionally and mentally, but if you live in fear, how will you ever find out what your body is capable of?

Or later down the road, no one wants to be the person thinking about what could have been. Me personally I have four things I am super passionate and love dearly. God, family, snowboarding and cats. Yea, you read right. Cats. MMMM fuzzy fuzzy cats. Warm cats! All over my body! Anyways, not saying those are the only thing I show passion or love in, but those are what I find most joy in. Now with other people it might be different, like I don’t know.

Maybe you are super passionate about reading books, or eating food, or liking Belong Designs snowboarder Wes McClain, whatever it may be, do it with love and passion. Since the day I realized to start doing things passionately, my quality of life has rose tremendously. I’m not saying that you have to get super extreme and go jump off cliffs and rip out sheep tongues and eat them with no milk, but what I am saying is get extreme and passionate in your own way. Feel where you Belong and love every situation you're in, for better or worse. Oh by the way, what do you call a sick Pony?


A little hoarse! Ha! aren’t I SO funny?! I’m single ladies. Surprising I know