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Ambassador Profile: Nicole Hulet

Finding where you Belong is all about the engaging in the activities that light you up and bring purpose to your life. Nicole Hulet is a part of our ambassador community and is an avid wake-boarder, dirt-biker, and climber. She embodies what it means to follow your passions. 

Name: Nicole Hulet

Instagram: Captainicole

Born: Boulder, Colorado

Started my sport: 4 years old

Superhero: Ironman - He gets to be human AND a badass selectively, I think that's wicked awesome. Also, he has helped make science cool in the mainstream, and as a super nerd, I need that, haha.

My favorite place in the world: In the ocean.

My perfect day: Waking up at 5:00am, getting to the ocean and surfing all day, eating tacos, and watching the sunset on the beach.

Accomplishment: Earning my degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry, Accounting, and Communication and Rhetoric.

Top 5 spots: Lake Powell, Cali, Mexico, Pueblo Reservoir, and Glendo Reservoir.

What does it mean to follow my passion and find where I belong: For me, Belong has really inspired me to do what I love, regardless of what it takes or who's watching. My passion for wakeboarding, dirtbiking, and climbing are driven by my desire to be outside because it's where I'm the happiest. It's where I've found my best friends and where I've found my best self. It's a great feeling knowing where I Belong.

You can follow Nicole on Instagram here!

Ambassador Profile: Nicole Hulet