Ambassador Profile: Vassil Boasherliev

Finding where you Belong means to dedicate yourself to the activities and lifestyle which speaks to your soul. Vassil Boasherliev is apart of our ambassador community and is one badass climber. Simply put: he embodies the definition of tenacity and passion. 

Name: Vassil Boasherliev

Instagram: vassil_boasherliev

Born: Sofia, Bulgaria

Started my sport: I started climbing when I was 18 years old. I was introduced to the sport by climbing the Grand Tetons in Wyoming as a family.

Superhero: If I could be a superhero for a day, it would be Iron Man because you could utilize the technology when you needed it but you’d still have normal abilities and limitations to enjoy the fun things in life.

My favorite place in the world: My favorite place in the world is probably Fontainebleau, France. It is a sandstone bouldering paradise just outside of Paris. It has the best of both worlds, world quality climbing as well as proximity to a beautiful and culturally diverse city. The food, wine, climbing, and scenery all mixes together in one incredible experience.

My perfect day: A perfect day for me would be climbing, really anywhere in the world, with cold, crisp temperatures, an isolated forest setting, and surrounded by good friends.

Accomplishment: I’ve climbed over 100 double digit boulder problems (V10 and up) in almost every continent. Honestly, my proudest accomplishment is being able to fully enjoy a day outside with friends climbing, regardless of my success/failure for that day. It has taken a long time to take ego out of the equation in my athletic performance, and it is very refreshing to just be able to enjoy a day of climbing for what it is.

Top 5 spots: It is very difficult to rank the different climbing destinations in the world because they almost all bring a different element and uniqueness to the overall experience, but if I had to:

  • Joes Valley, Utah – Sandstone bouldering in rural post-mining parts of Utah, the climbing community has done a lot for the area and the locals have been exceedingly accommodating of the climbers. It is a very interesting mix of culture and amazing boulders of course!

  • Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado – Easily one of the most striking destinations on the planet for really anything outdoors. Perfect settings and gorgeous isolated boulders.

  • Lincoln Lake, Colorado – Another amazing high-alpine bouldering area in Colorado. Brutal hiking leads you to some of the most amazing concentration of hard boulders anywhere in the world.

  • Horse Pens 40, Alabama – The southeastern part of the US has some unbelievably good sandstone bouldering. The season is relatively finite and fickle, but the rock quality and movement can’t be beaten.

  • Red Rocks Canyon, Nevada – Located just outside of Las Vegas, it is easily one of the most comprehensive places in the world to climb. There’s amazing big wall, sport climbing, and bouldering. The amount of rock out here is both inspiring/daunting.

What does it mean to follow my passion and find where I belong: Following your passion means finding the things that are important to you in life and pursuing those to the fullest. It is very important to round yourself out as a person and finding/pursuing your passions is truly a big part of that. I have been fortunate enough to discover climbing and have spent the better part of the last decade pursuing this. To me, the "Find Where You Belong" movement is better to understand yourself and what motivates you, then do what you need to do to sustainably pursue those passions in your life.

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