How Technology Can Help You Explore More

Sometimes it’s refreshing to try new things, especially when you’re feeling stuck in the same routines. With a little guidance from technology, it’s easy to change up your daily activities. Here’s a list of 5 apps to help you get out and explore more.


Meetup helps you find other people that do what you love. Maybe you want to hike a new trail, join a book club, or start practicing yoga in the park. Based on your interests, chances are, there’s a group for that.

For example, a group of nearly 2,000 members, “Hittin’ the Trails of Colorado” travels around the Denver area weekly for meetups. If you’re new to Colorado, there’s also “Denver Newbies.” A group of over 5,000 planning events to help you experience new things while meeting new people.

All Trails

The idea: Explore. Plan. Execute. All Trails allows you to leave reviews on hikes, view images of hikes and trails and get feedback on a variety of trails across the United States from those who have hiked it first hand. You can filter your hike down to every last detail: difficulty, length, rating, what to see, trail traffic and elevation gain.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or visiting Colorado for the first time, this app is the perfect tool for exploring what our colorful state has to offer. One of our favorite hikes is St. Mary’s Glacier. It’s a 1.4 mile out and back trail that’s an hour outside of Denver. With a breathtaking lake at the end of the trail,  it’s a must-see for all levels of hikers.


There’s nothing quite like a little friendly competition to get one’s motivation pumping. Strava allows runners and/or cyclist to track and share their routes and results. This app encourages those in the fitness community to push themselves and others to be their very best. Log your bike ride or run into Strava and start competing with your friends!

There are plenty of trails to check out around Denver. Stay close to home and check out the Cherry Creek Trail or if you’re feeling more adventurous try the 38 mile long US 36 Bikeway trail that goes from Denver to Boulder.


For the skiers and snowboarders with an Epic Pass, EpicMix track runs and elevation gain to win badges and compete against your friends to see who’s having the best ski season. Need to decide which resort to go to for the weekend? The app also provides updates on resort conditions, lift operation and access to professional photos of yourself and friends from Epic photographers on the mountain.

Nike Training App

If you’re pressed for time, but still want to make time to be active, the Nike Training App is what you need. With over 160+ free workouts ranging from yoga, high intensity, cardio or strength training there’s a workout plan for everyone. If you’re looking for more guidance, you can even follow a customized workout plan with a trainer walks.

At the end of the day, there’s no reason to feel stuck when you have tools like these. These apps all have one thing in common: helping you explore, enjoy and expand your horizons. Whether it’s yoga in the park, racing down the ski hill or climbing a mountain, there’s an adventure out there for everyone.