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Where Do you Belong?- From an owner of a Colorado Brand

Where Do You Belong?


"Where do you belong?"


This simple question can have so many interpretations, answers, and inspirations. I belong in the Mountains. I belong on the beach. I belong where home is. I belong with my family. I belong to my faith. I belong around people that build me up. I belong where I can find solitude. 


The variety of answers that I've heard have given the word "Belong" a whole new meaning to me as one of the founders. So many different opinions, thought processes, and feelings resonate from the question, "where do you belong?".


My answer to the question depends on the day, time, feeling, place, people around me, success, failure, etc. I belong in an atmosphere where I have the opportunity to inspire positivity in this ever-growing, confused world. I belong in a place where I can inspire others to be themselves. I belong in a place where I can complement others on their accomplishments and create the result of two genuine smiles. I belong in a place where my failures can be exemplified by experience and thereof, success. I belong to positive change. I belong to inspiration. I belong where our lifestyle clothing brand not only turns heads due to aesthetic appeal or comfort, but also due to the message behind the logo and ever-so universal name. 


We thought this founder's blog would intrigue our fans because we're willing to write not only about our successes, but also about our failures and help inspire investment in the entrepreneurial spirit!


As a small lifestyle apparel brand, we have failed so so many times! 


We have failed from a marketing sense, we have failed from a sales sense, we have failed from a financial sense, we have failed from an operations sense, and we have failed from a creative sense. 


You might say, "what haven't these guys failed at?"


The answer to that is simple... "We haven't failed at getting back up after we get knocked down"! Persistence, belief in your message and brand, and more persistence is why we're still around. We believe in the Belong Movement! The people around us have come to believe in our spirit and persistence. This is something that cannot be bought, this is something that has to come from the heart. It has to come from a passionate urge to inspire others to follow their true passions; to urge our fans to explore where they belong. 


A feeling of belonging can be based on a place, a feeling, a mindset, an experience... the aforementioned terms can be summed up as a LIFESTYLE!


We are pushing our Belong LIFESTYLE as far as it will take us as people and as a united company. 


Keep an eye out for Belong Designs in the Colorado Ski Jacket Scene and Colorado Snowboard Jacket Scene. Our Colorado Jackets have the same high quality as the rest of our Colorado Brand!

Where do you BELONG???


~Shamus (Co-Founder)

Colorado Clothing

Colorado Brand


Still stoked on reading this? Check out why Belong backs these beliefs: http://belongdesigns.com/pages/ourstory


  • Lisa

    Shamus you are awesome. So proud of you

  • Charles

    Great post. It’s nice to see a brand that has a passion for the mind and creativity not just making money! Failure is simply part of success and it sounds like you’ve totally embraced that mentality. Belonging is what life is all about, whether it be to a club, a team, or your family, we all belong somewhere.

  • Belong

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