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The Entrepreneurial Spirit & Our Snowboard on the Block recap

Snowboard on the block was a pretty amazing experience! We were amongst the "Big Dogs" in the industry. The burtons, the grenades, the neversummers! We are blessed and humbled to be progressing in the manner that we are as a company! We were absolutely stoked as a Colorado Brand to Release the First Colorado Jackets (Colorado Ski Jacket // Colorado Snowboard Jacket //Colorado Clothing).

Caption: Co-Founder Shamus McNutt selling a Colorado Jacket to a Belong Fan

That being said, people don't always want to hear about only the "Ups" on the constant emotional roller coaster ride that that we experience as entrepreneurs!


The three founding partners of Belong started the company with $250 each and have "bootstrapped" the brand to where it is now. They have kept all profit in the company and have seen their bank account go extremely close to $0 even to this day in order to grow the company without outside investment. 



Typically at events, the Belong Crew expects to make a profit (on top of the marketing cost of being there) in order to continue this growth path that we have been on! Snowboard on the Block was a humbling experience not only based on the fact that we were with the big dogs of the industry, but also because we lost money on the event... YES we lost money and it painful to say. To be honest, the depressing emotions of putting that much energy and time into an event and losing money in the end is the definition of humbling for us. 


However, from those humble moments come inspiration and drive. I have always been a believer in the saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". This is the type of people that Belong brings into the scene. When we get knocked down and experience failure, we come back 10 times stronger and more driven. 



This attitude spawns from the passion that we all have for the Belong Movement. WE BELIEVE IN THE MESSAGE THAT WE SELL. When you follow your dreams in life, you find that niche in life where you "Belong". We are currently living what we preach. We are trading in weeknights and weekends in order to make our dreams a reality. We are working full time career jobs for 10hrs of each day, only to come home and spend another 8 hours doing WHAT WE LOVE. 


This blog is not only about Belong. Its about the entrepreneurial pursuit of happiness, freedom, and self fulfillment. 


I really appreciate all that have read this and would like to personally offer any advice, guidance, or just talk to anyone who thinks they want to take the plunge and release their entrepreneurial spirit to the world!


Shoot me an email at shamus@belongdesigns.com and I WILL respond as I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit :)


Have an awesome week and thanks again for reading!










HUGE THANKS to Kenneth Hamblin III of Denver Westword for the amazing photos!




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The Entrepreneurial Spirit & Our Snowboard on the Block recap (Colorado Jacket Release)