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"The Balance of Belonging"


Following our true passions is not an easy task. Often, we are encumbered by careers, monetary needs, family expectations, and most of all, our own expectations. Personally, I have always followed the mantra of living in the moment. This ideology allowed me to pursue travel and adventure in many exotic locales; however, there came a point when my friends and family saw me only as a selfish escape artist with little “drive” or contribution to society.

It was only a matter of time before I also became frustrated with my directionless wanderings. I had experiences, but I was not putting them to use. Here is the balancing act. Harnessing that energy and passion, and making it into something tangible and stable. This is key to living a full and balanced life. We are always going to find inhibition and roadblocks in our pursuit of our true passions, but if we can utilize other outlets to fuel them, then it is not too hard to find where we truly belong.

I hope you enjoy following my Great Escapes, as I pursue my passions and try to find the balance between work and play.

Until another episode, enjoy your recess.


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