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"Resolutions and Revolutions"


For those of us who are are not avid winter sportsters, the winter blues can strike hard. After the holiday hype, the early months of the new year can seem long and tedious There have been many cold New England mornings where getting out of bed was a monumental task. 

It makes sense, we too are susceptible to physical and emotional hibernation, otherwise known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). How to combat this energy sapping, seasonal depression? Lots of articles point to light therapy, we could all use a little extra sunshine, but I think there is something to be said for a New Year's resolution. 

A task or goal is a great way to shake off moodiness and push yourself to get outside and get going, despite the chill. My goal this year? To get back into prime climbing shape for springtime in Colorado. Training for any sport takes time and focus. Results are gradual, and there will be plateaus, but by setting a schedule and creating a time frame the winter doldrums can fly by, rather than drag on.

This spring, I want to see revolutionary results, so I better get out of bed, hit the gym, and make the most of my down time. Now who's with me?



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