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Recommended Shipping Dates For Holiday Shopping


We cannot wait to help you with your holiday shopping! With that, the USPS has advised all holiday shoppers to plan their holiday shopping accordingly and we support their statement. Listed below are dates that we recommend placing an order by with the desired shipping method.


USPS First Class Mail: 12/10

USPS Priority Mail: 12/17

USPS Express Priority Mail: 12/20

In addition, we understand that shipping delays can happen and change the delivery date. With that, we trust in the USPS's ability to deliver your order, however, it may not be in a timeframe that we would desire. Because the shipping method that was selected will be fulfilled, we cannot be responsible for shipping delays and will not refund shipping costs. If an order is lost during the shipping process, a new package will be sent out once notified.

Thank you and happy holidays!


Belong Designs Crew

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Holiday Shipping Dates